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Supporting equipment for your tactical radios


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The Amplified High Efficiency Speaker (AHES) is a compact, ruggedized tactical audio speaker system designed to operate in the most extreme environments. The TRI-AHES-1 will monitor a single transceiver or accept output from an encryption unit. Using the standard transceiver audio interface connector the TRI-AHES-1 is compatible with most communications systems. The speaker reduces the size and weight requirements of installations and operates on standard 9-36VDC.

  • Application:Any radio system with a standard 5 or 6 pin audio connector.
  • Sound: Sound pressure level 91dBa at 1 meter at .6V rms/1Khz
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Size: 13.75 cubic inches smaller than existing speakers

Tactical Cables

Cables for accessories either from stock, or made custom for your application. Standard 4,5 and 6 pin MIL STD connectors for AC/DC and auxillary equipment.

  • AC Cables:AC Power Supply Cables with MIL STD Connectors
  • DC Cables: DC Power Supply Cables with MIL STD Connectors
  • Ancillary Cables: Speaker and amplifier cables with MIL STD Connectors

Replacement Batteries

Replacement lithium ion batteries for the TRI-ATPS, fits all versions. UN tested and approved for transportation. The longest life of any modular power supply on the market with a full 10,200 mAh. Simple replacement. Battery works only with the TRI-ATPS-1.

  • Capacity:10,200 mAh, 11.1 V
  • Certification: UN 38.3 Tested
  • Shipping: Air Shippable IATA PI-965 Sect II