Power Supplies

The first truly adaptable, modular power supply on the market


The TRI-ATPS-1 is an adaptable and modular battery eliminator power supply. It allows either left hand, right hand or cable connections on either side. The modular design allows the operator to remove the AC module and use the power supply in a DC/BATT only mode saving weight and space. With a weight of 4.1lbs (3.0 lbs in DC/BATT only mode) it is among the lightest tactical supplies on the market. It is designed for use with the AN/PRC-117G; AN/PRC-158; RF-7800-MP; RF-7800-M;RF-7800-RC.

  • Adaptable: Left or right hand configurations
  • Weight: 4.1lbs
  • Power: Up to 7 hours battery life at 4.1amps


Why use an AC/DC power supply when your configuration is DC only? The ATPS-1-DC is a lightweight, lower cost solution which saves space and weight while providing the same performance and reliability of the original ATPS. Supports the following radios: AN/PRC 117G; AN/PRC-158; RF-7800M-MP; RF-7800-MP; RF-7800-RC.

  • Adaptable: Left or right hand adaptability
  • Weight: 3.1lbs
  • Power: Up to 7 hours battery life


The TRI-ACDC-HVA-50 vehicle adapter for the AN/PRC-148 and JTRS Enhanced MBITR (JEM) and the AN/PRC-152 Hand Held Radio provides 50 watts of RF amplification across the frequency range of 30-512 MHz with receive gain in SATCOM mode. Multi-band operation with dedicated SATCOM and LOS antenna ports. Bi-directional filtering minimizes co-site interference from nearby radios and provides extra margin to communicate in RF saturated environments.

  • Application:AN/PRC-148; JEM; AN/PRC-152.
  • AC Power: Up to 50 watts across range of 30-512MHz
  • Features: AC, DC and antenna cables; automatic frequency selection in SATCOM and LOS modes


The same modular, adaptable supply as the ATPS-1, with the same extended life battery capacity. The ATPS-2 is designed to support the following radios: AN/PRC-117F; AN/PRC-150; AN/PSC-5; AN/PSC-5D; MBMMR, AN/PSC-14 BGAN, PRC-138; PRC-113, URC-200, MXF-400 series and the RF-5000.

  • Adaptable: Left or right hand adaptability
  • Weight: 4.75lbs
  • Power: Up to 7 hours battery life